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Goodbye Battery Thief. Hello Happy Customer.


Here’s good news for all Solar Technology customers… another feature added at NO additional cost to you!

BatteryProtection-fromAbove2x3@300A message from Solar Technology Vice President Eric Zerphy, ”After some very careful and detailed analysis, we have decided that starting in 2015 all units will include Anti-Theft Battery Protection as standard.

This initiative is part of our “Stay Connected and Protected” campaign for 2015 – that is, our 5 year FREE Communications Package combined with the protection of our 5 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Recent technical innovations, plus the skills of our engineering and procurement staffs, allow us to include these former options as standard equipment – without raising costs. Adding battery theft prevention is one more step in how SolarTech continuously increases the value we provide to our customers.

Our goal is to have the absolute best products on the market… and the happiest customers.”

There you have it – our continuous improvement campaign gives you another valuable benefit – free. Rest easy, knowing your batteries are safely encased in a steel cage, right from the factory.