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Here’s BIG News! Now talk to your SolarTech Arrow Boards… for FREE!


Arrow Users: SolarTech just made your job Easier!

Arrow-In-NewImprovedBox-smAs of July 20, 2016, we are shipping our flashing Arrow Boards with a built-in modem, GPS and free cellular service – for the life of the board. It’s an industry first, and it’s available now as standard equipment. With this innovation, Arrow Boards join our Message Boards in having remote communications included on every board.

Here’s how free arrow remote communications helps you:

  • View a permanent record of what was on each board and when
  • Monitor battery voltage from your desk or smartphone
  • See location of boards using GPS coordinates
  • Get email notifications if a board moves
  • Change arrow patterns remotely

Of course, providing the cellular connection for free is a great value, offering enormous savings – never pay for cellular service for the life of the board.

SolarTech boards make ITS a possibility today. Not ready? No worries. It’s installed and ready when you are. No need to add modems and GPS chips later.

It’s advanced technology. Available now. Only from Solar Technology.
Talk to your SolarTech rep today.