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Yes! SolarTech makes Message Boards with Cameras


Message Board-with-CameraNow you can check traffic volume and allow traffic management staff to view work zones and merge points in real-time. SolarTech’s full sized portable changeable Message Boards can be outfitted with a camera that can extend above the board to monitor traffic. This option is useful in creating smart work zones. By using real-time traffic information supplied by the camera, transportation officials can customize messages to warn motorists about what is actually happening ahead.

The new camera option allows the camera to be raised to nearly 20 feet above the ground.

All SolarTech portable changeable Message Boards already include remote access – GPS, modem and cellular service to locate the board and change its message from your office computer or smart phone.

As shown in the photo, these Message Boards with Cameras also include a tilt and rotate solar array for optimal solar power collection.

By offering more options and opportunities to customize, SolarTech is maintaining its reputation as technologically advanced, easy to use and, well, a Better Board.

Ask us about the new MB with Camera!