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SolarTech Sign makes Big Impact in Big Red Boots Editorial


We (female) members of the staff haven’t been this excited since Jewel’s “Intuition” video. The September issue of InStyle magazine featured a SolarTech Message Board with the headline of their editorial “Big Red Boots” on the sign. Thanks to the creative staff at InStyle for finding an innovative way to highlight our best-seller!

To our more typical traffic safety customers – the answer to the question about how to wear the boots is to “make sure you’re wearing the red boots as opposed to them wearing you.” Read the article here. And guys, you now know a perfect gift for the style-loving woman in your life.

The thigh-high boots in the photo were Fendi: In case anyone from Fendi reads this, Sabrina and I wear size 7. Jodi is a 6. Erin wears a 9.

Here are the credits: September 2017 issue of InStyle magazine, page 414. Author: Stephanie Perez-Gurri. Photo by Ralph Gibson. Sign owned by our good customer Durante Rentals.