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The Holiday Gift from our Customer that made Everyone Merry


As part of our ISO process, and because we want to hear your opinions, we regularly send out customer surveys. Our friend, Mike Green from MGI Traffic Control Products, sent us this quote in the open-ended comment section:

“Solar Tech has a superior product. I won’t sell any other brand.”

Made our day.
Thrilled the sales people. Delighted the guys in the shop. Made our President smile.

Why? Because in the first six words, Mike summed up our entire company philosophy. We like to think we make a BETTER board. If our products were perfect, we might relax and never look for ways to improve. Instead, every worker strives for continuous improvement.

And we thank Mike for confirming that the hard work is paying off. What a wonderful way to end the year.

We’d like to thank each and every customer for their support, and we promise to continue to provide a better board. Happy New Year to one and all.