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5 Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Our 5 Year Warranty is the best in the industry, and covers everything* from the coupler to the tail lights. The exceptions are LED lamps in Arrow Boards and solar panels, which are covered by a 10 year warranty. Our Warranty has been protecting our customer’s investment in our products since 2009.

How our Warranty Saves you Money

FEWER REPAIRS. Since we’ve already tested, inspected and guaranteed our products, you’ll spend less on repairs and avoid the hassle of sending your crew out on the road to fix problems.

RELIABILITY COUNTS. You get a dependable sign that is up and running – on the job site, making you money, keeping workers safe, guiding traffic, and making your job easier.

FUTURE RESALE VALUE. Life expectancy for our boards is the longest in our industry. We actually saw one of the MBs we built in 1998 on the job… it wasn’t the prettiest sign, but it was working! Your ROI is higher on signs that last that long.

We don’t rest on our reputation. Our Engineering Department is always looking for ways to keep our products technologically advanced. Watch for upcoming innovations that will make your warranty equally valuable in the future.

High Standards benefit Everyone

PRIDE OF CRAFTSMANSHIP. The time and effort we put into improving our products – including meeting ISO standards annually – has created an atmosphere where superior quality is expected and delivered.

This message board, built in 1998 with the old 4 LED per pixel design, was spotted on the job in 2016

Producing high quality signs and boards helps both you and us. Products built to last keep repair and returns costs to a minimum.

Plus, our customers like (and learn to expect) consistently good products, and return to SolarTech to buy more. Good for our future sales. Good for your bottom line.


* Warranty excludes products we do not make: tires, batteries and the 110 volt charger. That’s it. Everything else is covered.