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Command Center Tips and Hints


Are you using Command Center to its full potential? Most of our customers check Command Center daily, reports Gary Laudenslager, Senior Service Tech, and do a quick scan for any red alerts. Here are some of the other cool things you can do with Command Center, SolarTech’s free control software: Segment your fleet by job,…

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Reminder: Use the Built-In Security Protection on Message Boards


Remember the Zombies Attacks in 2009? The hackers have once again attacked message boards in Texas and this time posted political messages. SolarTech added additional layers of security since 2009, and would like to remind you of the multiple ways you can prevent this from happening to you and your driving public: Lock your Battery…

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Here’s a Stability Tip for Rain-soaked Highway Boards


Suffering through a particularly rainy spring? (Texas, we’re thinking of you.) John Stout of SolarTech’s Support Team sends a tip that our customers use for parking boards in grassy (or sandy) areas. If the forecast calls for soaking rains, slip an 8” x 8” x 2” board under each jack stand. The wider footprint will…

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