GPS Tracking

SolarTrak GPS Tracking systemSolarTrak, the newest member of Solar Technology’s Fleet Management Solutions uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the GSM Cellular Network to inexpensively send and record the longitude and latitude (along with other critical data such as battery voltage, engine hours, vandalism events, etc.) of each piece of equipment being monitored to a highly sophisticated infrastructure of redundant web-based servers that enable you to easily and cost effectively track, monitor and manage your entire fleet of traffic safety, rental and/or construction equipment.SolarTrak consists of a small black box that attaches to each piece of equipment you wish to track and monitor, combined with a web-based subscription service that enables you to easily access all data at any time from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. SolarTrak gives you access to the following:

  • Location and status of all your equipment
  • Maintenance information such as battery voltage, engine hours, etc.
  • Theft & Vandalism Protection – alerts/warnings when equipment is moved or vandalized

Additionally, SolarTrak enables you to use “Geo-fencing” to establish geographic boundaries for units, within which movement is permissible. For example, you could establish an area surrounding a job site within which frequently-used pieces of equipment can be moved without triggering theft and/or vandalism alerts.

If you own a large fleet of traffic safety, rental or construction equipment, SolarTrak can be a valuable tool to improve operational efficiency and reduce lost units and crew downtime. You will know exactly where each piece is at all times. You can also check battery levels and maintenance records without going on-site.

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