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Reason 6 to Love Our Signs: Uncomplicated Controller


Our controllers are simple, icon-driven and intuitive… so much so, that our User Guide is 8 half-sheets, as opposed to our competition’s 17 page manual. Switch to Spanish or 4 other languages in just 2 keystrokes. How simple… how easy! Have a suggestion? Send us ideas that could make your job easier, your worksite more…

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Street Department’s Finest Hours


We tend to overlook the work that goes into keeping things running smoothly, but the citizens of Texas have a new appreciation of their city and state transportation workers following the May floods in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and countless smaller towns. Four weeks of relentless storms have doused the state, ending a four year water…

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3rd Reason to Love Our Signs: Thieves Foiled


Free battery protection: We’ve added a metal Anti-Theft Battery Frame as standard equipment on all our products, which securely bolts your batteries inside the battery box to the trailer frame. No more downed units from battery theft. We’re keeping you up and running… Bad guys won’t win!

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