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SolarTrak unveils New, Smaller-sized Trackers for Construction Equipment Asset Tracking.


SolarTrak’s customers have spoken, and we listened. We’ve downsized the SolarTrak asset tracking device to a mere 5.19” x 3.25” x 1” and a lightweight 11 ounces. SolarTrak is SolarTech’s GPS-based fleet management solution for construction equipment. The junior version has the same functionality as the senior: GPS tracking, engine-hour reports, maintenance reminders and geofence…

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Let’s Talk about Adjusting the Message Board Rotation Lock


The Rotation Lock is what keeps the Message board from pivoting on the mast. Once you’ve set your message board in place and lowered the jacks, you can rotate the board to orient towards traffic (use the sighting tube for accuracy!). After finding the perfect angle, use the long bar under the board to lock…

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