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Let’s Talk about Adjusting the Message Board Rotation Lock


The Rotation Lock is what keeps the Message board from pivoting on the mast. Once you’ve set your message board in place and lowered the jacks, you can rotate the board to orient towards traffic (use the sighting tube for accuracy!). After finding the perfect angle, use the long bar under the board to lock…

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25th Birthday Party (with Cake!) at Solar Technology


What started with Solar Technology founder Byron Zerphy working in his garage to design a solar-powered traffic sign has now grown into one of the leading Traffic Safety sign and Fleet Management companies in the world… in just 25 years. On Thursday, Feb. 25th, the Zerphy family and staff celebrated their 25th year with a…

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Advice from the Support Gurus: When to Blank. When to Turn Off.


NOT talking about the vacant stare that comes from listening to something boring, or flipping a light switch. SolarTech’s Support Team wants to remind you that it is better to BLANK your message board than to turn it off. Here’s why: If you blank the screen, you can still connect to the board remotely. Turned…

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3 Steps and a Hint for Easy Winter Maintenance


Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow and spring is coming soon – but we still encourage you to do Winter Maintenance now. Keep your equipment in tip-top shape – to counteract the effect of short days, increased cloud cover and extreme cold – and to extend the life of the sign. SOLAR PANELS: Dirt on solar…

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