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Track, Monitor and
Manage your Fleet

“I’ve got to say Thanks!  First weekend with your GPS unit (SolarTrak) I discovered what you’ve been preaching to me. Customer booked a 1-day rental Friday for a 12K cushion and used the unit both Friday and Saturday, now with your gizmo we have proof to charge an extra day rental to him.” – Tim Jamal @ Jamco Inc., Orlando, FL

Fleet Management for $10 per Month!

SolarTrak LogoSolarTrak is an affordable fleet management solution that uses telemetry to track, monitor and manage equipment in the field. A SolarTrak device is installed on your equipment, and communicates with web-based management software on your desktop computer, enabling you to track equipment location and maintenance information. Best news: its priced at under $10 per month per unit!

This asset-monitoring service will allow you to reduce losses due to loss and theft and to increase the efficiency of the units by accurately tracking the machine-hour usage.

Have 2 minutes? See how SolarTrak works for you:
SolarTrak includes:
  • GPS Tracking of the location of each unit
  • Geo-fencing- including alerts when unscheduled location changes occur
  • Customizable Usage Reports by time/date/hour for regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Vandalism Alerts using motion detection equipment
  • Service updates including maintenance schedules, oil changes
  • Maintenance information such as battery voltage and temperature monitoring, also engine-hour tracking

Ever have this situation? Your crew reports to the work site and discovers that a key piece of equipment is no longer there. This service will – for a low monthly fee- improve your bottom line by insuring the most effective utilization of your fleet and reducing downtime.