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Solutions for Remote Access to Message Boards

If you want to control your Message Boards remotely, regardless of the manufacturer, Solar Technology has a solution:




Command Center NTCIP: If you have Message Boards from multiple manufacturers, we have a software solution that will allow you to communicate with and control all your boards online using Command Center NTCIP. With this solution, you can:

  • Locate the Message Boards on a map
  • Track the battery voltage
  • Change messages remotely
  • Diagnose some problems remotely

SolarComm Universal: If you have Message Boards without modems from multiple manufacturers, and want to communicate with them all from your desk, add SolarComm Universal units to the non-SolarTech boards instead of installing public IP addresses modems. You can then:

  • Locate the Message Boards on a map
  • Change messages remotely
  • Track solar panel output voltage
  • Gain remote access to your signs without paying for a cellular plan (for 5 yrs)

NTCIP Proxy: If you have NTCIP-based legacy software and want to connect to SolarTech Message Boards, ask us about NTCIP Proxy, a solution that will allow you to securely gain remote access to our boards within our private network, without adding modems with IP addresses (or paying for cellular service for 5 years).

Regardless of the complexity of your fleet, Solar Technology has a solution to simplify communications, to connect with your equipment, and to make fleet management easier. Call us at 800-475-5442 or talk to your SolarTech sales rep.





More details:
Command Center NTCIP Literature (pdf)
SolarComm Universal Literature (pdf)