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Product Support for Silent Messenger
Message Boards


Silent Messenger
Panel size: 126″ x 76″
Product Specs


MBII-Connect Remote-Trailer-6x10@100

Silent Messenger II
Panel size: 92″ x 54″
Product Specs


Silent Messenger 3

Silent Messenger III
Panel size: 78″ x 46″
Product Specs


Silent Messenger 4

Silent Messenger IV
Available in
three panel sizes:
60″ x 30″
78″ x 30″
60″ x 33″
Product Specs


Support Materials Product Operating Manuals Service and Repair Manuals Quick Reference Cards Service Bulletins
  • Silent Messenger Full Size Message Board
  • Message Board II
  • Message Board III
  • Message Board IV
  • Double-Sided Message Board
Operation and Maintenance Manual Service and Repair Manual Silent Messenger MB Quick Reference Guide Vandal-Proof Battery Box Avoid Wind Damage

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