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A Culture of Innovation

Since Solar Technology was founded in 1991, innovation has driven the company. In response to customer needs, we’ve created technological advancements in both engineering and design, and in our manufacturing and processes.


2017 – introduces SmartZone (real time workzone ITS software) and Message Boards with Cameras. Adds Remote Communication (embedded modem, GPS and cellular service) to all Arrow Boards

2016 – adds Remote Communication (embedded modem, GPS and cellular service) to all Message Board products and is awarded ISO-9001:2015 Certification

2015 – adds SolarComm Universal (modem with GPS and secure cellular service for use with any manufacturers’ NTCIP message board) and battery anti-theft devices to all products

2014 – announces 5 years of Remote Communications  (embedded modem, GPS and cellular service) with all Message Board products, and introduces SolarTrak, a GPS/telemetry Fleet Management solution for construction and rental fleets

2013 – introduces its first solar-powered Light Tower the “Silent Illuminator”

2012 – introduces Radar Speed Trailers “Silent Advisors” (RST-1000 and RST-2000)

2011 – announces full remote control of all Message Boards via any smart phone

2010 – revises “MegaTech” controller to include an embedded GPS receiver and introduces the smallest Message Board the “Silent Messenger IV“.

2009 – increases Warranty coverage to Five Years on all products

2008 – is awarded ISO-9001:2008 Certification.


2007 – introduces the industry’s first touch-screen controller – the “MegaTech” controller operating “TRAFIX” embedded software with free software updates for life

2006 – upgrades all Arrow and Message Boards to 100% Surface Mounted LEDs for maximum reliability

2005 – introduces the Incident Response Trailer (IRT-1548)

2004 – upgrades all Message Boards from 5mm LEDs to higher reliability SuperFlux LEDs

2001 – receives ISO-9001:2000 Certification.

2000 – introduces solar-powered small Full Matrix Message Board the “Silent Messenger III” in both trailer mounted and vehicle mounted configurations

1998 – introduces the first truly solar-powered Full-Sized and Mid-Sized Full Matrix Message Boards the “Silent Messenger” and the “Silent Messenger II

1995 – creates the 3-line 8-character Full-Sized Message Board the “Silent Messenger”

1991 – Solar Technology Inc. is founded and offers the first truly solar-powered Arrow Board the “Silent Sentinel